An Invitation to Joy✨

Are you ready to turn up your spirit volume? Perhaps you have a friend who needs help shining! Please join me in my mission to cultivate JOY in our world. You are formally invited! 

I am a teacher and a healer at my core. As an educator, my mission was to empower my students to explore and embrace their best selves. As a coach, my mission remains the same. I don’t claim to have the answers for you individually, but I bring you real questions and insights because you already have the answers waiting to be explored without judgement. My job as your coach is to assist in finding new perspectives, share hard core accountability coupled with compassion, and empower your authenticity to glow. I feel you. I see you.

The only way I know to change the world is to shine my light on others so they may in turn enhance their light while brightening the whole world.

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People I work with find more of themselves through an authentic light, become grounded while building momentum, share a willingness for vulnerability in our sessions and in their personal and professional lives, celebrate with a sense of humor and humility. We will explore what you are tolerating, and what you are willing and able to do to incorporate joy into life.

“Joy is resilient, enduring happiness despite dark times.” ~The Dalai Lama

I lost this resilience when the story of the moment took dominance over the story of my life. Despite my love of learning and words, I lost power over the words I allowed to be truth in my experience. It was my work with coaches that helped shift the narrative and align my behaviors with what truly matters to me.

Happiness is not joy. Happiness relies upon external and uncontrollable circumstances. Joy becomes accessible when we apply the right perspective, acceptance, and compassion for ourselves and our encounters regardless of the external forces.

There’s no secret sauce to how we make change – There’s only the journey.

  • We start where you are and celebrate your strength for showing up for growth.
  • Establish a clear vision aligned with your authentic values.
  • Identify available and motivating opportunities
  • Face obstacles head on to get ahead of it roadblocks and excuses
  • Build an actionable and engaging plan
  • Evaluate and celebrate glows and glitches. 

One of my favorite reminders comes from Dr. Jean Oursler, The Results Queen and reminds us all of the power of experience and perspective: “We failed all the time as kids, but we called it learning.” Change isn’t about getting it right the first time. It is about cultivating the desire and determination to try again, and I have your back with celebration, bandaids, pom-poms, and JOY!

Let’s get your 2021 Vibes aligned and turn up your spirit volume by emailing me, Michaela, at

Much Love, M✨

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