Step Into Coaching: You are Worth it!

I remember the first time I heard about a life coach. I actually won a gift certificate at a fundraiser, and I think I gave it away. I am rather certain I spat some of my coffee out when I looked it up. I thought it was interesting but highly unnecessary – I had friends to vent to, colleagues to banter with, and my brain to brainstorm life’s encounters. I also had a career in Social Work, Education, Event Planning, and Business which made me feel as though I had it all figured out – I knew people and strategy which means I knew myself.

(Any chance this sounds familiar?)

Well. That didn’t last long. Nearly a year later I was working with a coach through my career in manufacturing (my funky resume is below if you are curious…It’s been a journey for sure). I was skeptical, but I was also rather relieved to find a safe space – a conversion – I could hold sacred for who I was and where I wanted to go. I was quickly and utterly hooked. 

Now. It was not always pleasantries and the kumbaya stuff one might think of this new agey career (although I would be remiss to say I don’t do anything without a little pleasantry and kumbaya stuff), but the work was meaningful because the risk to remain the the same – to remain stagnant – was more unbearable than my fear of change.

The work was fascinating to me. I was able to express my wants and frustrations, but instead of dwelling on those glitches and building a strong, negative narrative, I was encouraged to construct a plan that I was then held accountable to. I found myself in places of great success and places of great frustration, but I found out that I could both seek what I want and manage where I am. I also found out that the best service one can offer is to themself – not in a self-ish way – but in a way that allows our lights to shine brighter so that others may, too.

I am a teacher and a healer at my core. As an educator, my mission was to empower my students to explore and embrace their best selves. As a coach✨, my mission remains the same. I don’t claim to have the answers for you individually, but I bring you real questions and insights because you already have the answers waiting to be explored without judgment. 

My job as your coach is to assist in finding new perspectives, share hard core accountability coupled with compassion, and empower your authenticity to glow✨. I feel you. I see you. I got you.

People I work with find more of themselves through an authentic light, become grounded while building momentum, build a willingness for vulnerability in our sessions that transcends into their personal and professional lives, and celebrate with a sense of humor and humility. We will explore what you are tolerating, and what you are willing and able to do to incorporate more joy into your life. We will laugh and cry and challenge and celebrate this crazy, beautiful life!

There’s no secret sauce to how we make change – There’s only the journey. Here is a snapshot of what we will do: 

  • We start where you are and celebrate your strength for showing up for growth.
  • Establish a clear vision aligned with your authentic values.
  • Identify available and motivating opportunities
  • Face obstacles head on to get ahead of it roadblocks and excuses
  • Build an actionable and engaging plan
  • Evaluate and celebrate glows and glitches. 

You are officially invited to JOY✨! Give yourself permission to glow✨!

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Much Love,


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