Course for Joy

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Course for Joy

Are you ready to breathe new life into your journey and uncover the joy that’s been waiting for you? We’re excited to introduce you to the 4-week self-guided “Course for Joy,” your personalized pathway to greater fulfillment and purpose.

You’ve taken that brave first step toward change in the first course, and now, it’s time to delve even deeper. The “Course for Joy” is designed exclusively for you and fellow seekers like you, ready to embrace a life of boundless joy.

We understand that your days are busy, and the weight of responsibilities can make it hard to put yourself first. That’s why we’ve crafted this journey to fit seamlessly into your life, giving you the space you need to grow at your own pace, yet with the support and accountability you deserve.

Just dedicating 15 minutes a few times each week to the video lessons and accompanying workbooks will bring you closer to living in alignment with your true passions. And as a testament to your commitment, we’re offering a 50-minute live 1:1 coaching session with me once you complete the course, helping you celebrate your progress and chart your way forward.

Course Insight:

Week 1: Perspective – Explore Your Core Values and Desires

Week 2: Boundaries – Harness Your Time and Energy Wisely

Week 3: Authenticity – Facing Your Fears Brings Freedom

Week 4: Empower – Move Into Action With Confidence

Week 5: 1:1 Live Coaching Session

Course Duration

4 self-guided sessions

1 live coaching session

4 live coaching open office hours

tons of insights and bonuses

Course Investment: