…And All The Things

This is a series of conversations where I, Michaela Birdyshaw (@myjoycoach), share with you some of my favorite people! You will meet a diverse group of my friends, family, leaders, colleagues, motivators, and all the things! We will dive into how they use their gifts, their gems, their passions to influence the world around them – how they grow, change, and serve! What started as Instagram Live conversations has become my gift to you, and I hope their story may inspire part of your own.

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Powerful and Brilliant!

Michaela brings you an absolute genuinely authentic and powerful podcast every episode. Truthfully it’s so much more than that. It’s a conversation. It’s a tribute to influential, personal and life changing relationships and mentors. It’s an emotional, yet insightful, experience that will leave you feeling as if you are there and part of the their lives.

~ Hail2thvctrs

Love these raw reflections

Michaela’s ability to discuss and celebrate the different struggles that her guests go through is so real and relatable. It feels like you’re eavesdropping on a coaching session and you need some paper and pen nearby to capture the many lessons and nuggets of wisdom dropped casually throughout the conversation.

~ DarrellW3222018

Authentic as They Come

Michaela obviously puts her heart and soul into this podcast and is as authentic as they come. So much gold here!

~ Sexy Fit Vegan

30. Ed Delia & All the Things: Branding, Family Business, Wonder, and the Art of Baseball

More than just a friend – more than just a business partner and vendor, he has been a mentor, a guide, and a voice of reassurance that finding my voice what’s the most important work I could do. Listen in on the work he does as president of Delia Associates, his creativity, life in family business, marketing with integrity, and using old world honesty while living in wonder! Without further ado, I offer to you, Ed Delia And All the Things.

29. Lisa Sanderson and All the Things: Family Business, Challenging Comfort, and Aspiration

Meet Lisa Sanderson, Vice President of Marketing and Strategy at Gleicher Manufacturing, a 3rd Generation family business. What you’ll discover in this conversation is that change and evolution are not only necessary but also deserving of respect, honor, and preservation. Let’s dive into Lisa’s story.

28. Chitra Rochlani & All the Things: Showing up & Shining with The Warrior Mindset

This is a really great episode if you are looking for inspiration, honesty, and authenticity. I finish this conversation with the affirmation that the more I show up as myself, the more my life and those around me will be fulfilled. It is truly my pleasure to share this space with Chitra Rochlani – Speaker, Healer, Fitness & Wellness Coach, and Author of “The Warrior Mindset”.

27. Kathryn Landis & All the Things: The Art of Brainstorming & Playing, Changing, and Leading

Grab your notepads, friends! This is packed with good info!
⁠Kathryn Landis⁠ is the founder and CEO of ⁠Kathryn Landis Consulting⁠. She is a Professor and Stern Entrepreneurial Leadership Fellow at New York University, and her work has recently been featured in the Harvard Business Review and Fast Company.
Our conversation and our work is so aligned, and we cover such great territory as well as navigate a fire alarm!

26. Linda Drosdowech & All the Things: Social Media, Mindset, Belonging, and Getting Results

Life & Business Coach for Entrepreneurs and overall gem of a human. She is fiercely independent, loves solitude, and is passionate about building community. “We can stand on our own two feet but we also need others to support us if and when we wobble and fall down.”

Do you want to market your business? Make money from your unique ideas? Be a thought leader? Meet Linda!

25. Tara Gilvar & All the Things: Believe. Inspire. Grow. & Invest in your Happiness

“Who were you? Who are you? And who do you want to be?” Meet Tara Gilvar: friend, mentor, colleague, and overall inspiration✨

Tara Gilvar is the Founder and CEO of B.I.G. Believe. Inspire. Grow. a global women’s empowerment organization.

Learn about B.I.G.

24. Prunella Harris & All the Things: Busting through the 8 Myths of Self-Care

In this riveting conversation, we’ve brought together an incredible duo that will challenge your perceptions and guide you through the intricate web of self-care myths. Join us as we dive deep into the realm of self-discovery and compassion with none other than Prunella Harris, a seasoned therapist, and me, your host and life coach, Michaela Birdyshaw of Joy Enterprises.

23. Roma Bajaj Kohli & All the Things: Parenting, Discipline, Yoga, and Using the Dark to bring us Light

Roma is the founder of Wellness by Roma and the host of the podcast “Awaken to your Real Power”. She is a mindset coach and a self-confidence coach for teenagers and their parents, typically of ethnic descent who struggle with feeling like a misfit. I mean, we can all relate to that feeling! You will enjoy the way that she digs in to where they are to pull them forward. It is incredible.

22. Ryan McKinney & All the Things: The 4 Disciplines, Serving those who Serve, Showing People Themselves, and Imagination

Ryan is a coach, a believer, and a giver committed to helping successful, hungry professionals flourish at home and at work. He draws from a deep well of experience to illustrate key leadership and performance concepts making it easy for audiences to absorb. Listen to how he helps other people go beyond where they are today.

21. Ella Magers & All the Things: Holistic Wellness with Curiosity and Compassion

Today’s captivating conversation with my old and dear friend, Ella Magers explores topics centered around holistic, personal well-being. We delve into the realms of emotional work and mental health, leaving no stone unturned. Ella’s curiosity and passion for creating a better world for both humans and animals shines through as we explore the dynamics of self-discovery, both physically and emotionally.

20. Wanda Harris & All the Things: Being Nameless, the Power of Questions, Fate & Freewill, & Abundance.

Wanda is, without a doubt, the catalyst to my own exploration of the gift within, and she continues to walk the journey of my transformation side-by-side. Wanda is a healer who helps you find harmony in life through her insights and inquiry.Enjoy this episode where we share a glimpse into our weekly conversations and offer you some thoughts to help you along the way.

19. Leslie Rodgers & All the Things: building boundaries, battling mental health issues, and becoming whole

Leslie is a marketing consultant, speaker, a beacon of inspiration, and the owner of Lily Rose DMA. We explore the transformative journey of building boundaries, battling mental health issues, and ultimately becoming whole. Leslie has an incredible story of resilience and triumph, and she graciously shares her experiences to help others navigate similar challenges.

18. Michaela on Takin’ Care of Business & All the Things… w/Jim Gano

This episode is a little different though… This episode flips the tables on yours truly in an interview with Jim Gano on the Takin’ Care of Business show featured on the Hunterdon County Chamber of Commerce Radio. This is the only Chamber Radio like it in the country, Jim Gano is a gem I will host soon on And All the Things, and this is an interview with ME!

17. Paloma Soledad & All the Things: Finding Beauty in Adversity: A Conversation on Fashion, Cancer, and Art

Paloma is the founder Krysalis Kouture, a woman and a brand on a mission to revolutionize the world of fashion for those dealing with chronic illness. We discuss how her experience as a costume designer enabled a line of adaptive clothing, how curiosity helped her survive cancer, and how stays present while honoring the past through it all.

16. Kim Spangler & All the Things: Eco-farming, Explosives, & Exploration

Kim is the founder and head designer at Branches and Blooms Design as well as owner of Branches and Blooms Farm focused on sustainable farming and designing premium florals. Kim ties her experience working for the government in environmentally friendly explosives with her experience as a mom to a neurodivergent child into a story about process and structure coupled with curiosity and creativity.

15. Ana Jorge & All the Things.. @annajotalks Leadership, Harmony, & Finding your Voice

As a coach of high-performing teams as well as a life coach, a mother, a wife, a writer, a curious individual, and so much more, Ana shares with us her passion for coaching people toward discovery.  Ana offers insights on effective leadership, clears up the myth about work-life balance, and bestows tips on navigating it all.

14. Angela DiMarco & All the Things..@uniquely_u_founder Entrepreneurship, Authenticity, & Curiosity

Angela is the founder of Uniquely U, cofounder of Phenom Publishing, author of “Update 52”, and she is a downright awesome individual. We discuss the power of asking questions, we talk about authenticity and showing up as your true self. We cover so much ground with depth and laughter!

13. Michaela Birdyshaw & All The Things… @MyJoyCoach & @LadyBirdyshaw

In this SOLO episode (overcoming more cringe) I share a little about me, some holiday tips, and dig in to what you’re tolerating!

What an honor to hold this space with my guests and our listeners! There is an abundance of love and talent and inspiration in the world, and I’m blessed beyond measure to share with these people.  

12. Michael Strouse & All the Things… @strouseketeer On community, diversity, growing roots in rocky soil, and what it means to come home.

Michael is a marketing master, a wellness coach and trainer, and the center of a dynamically beautiful family and community. In our conversation we hit on diversity, growing roots in rocky soil, and what it means to come home. We also leave a lot of room for Round 2, so enjoy our chat, and we will have to do it again!

11. Marissa McAleer And All the Things… Chronic Illness, choosing consciously, and using the body to heal.

Marissa is a guide in my life and her willingness to share her journey through yoga, law, and chronic illness is a gift to us all. “I have fallen in love with the process of doing everything I can to show up with this body for as long as I can.” This statement guides her ability to embrace the journey – with all the bumps and limps and bruises it may bring.

10. LaThelma Yenn-Batah & All the Things… Purpose chases you, on being a black, female, newbie Pastor, unfreezing our imaginations, and mentorship.

Listen in as my Pastor, Lathelma Yenn-Batah paints her vision of unleashing people with their gifts and talents into the world to build the Kingdom God has called us to create. Together we discuss what it means to unfreeze our imaginations and remember that God is unpredictable, so we must stay curious!

9. Carla Daley & All the Things… find your tribe, what right looks like, and vulnerability.

I met Carla when she invited me to her podcast, I’m My Sistas Keeper, not once or twice but three times! Today, it’s my honor to flip the questions her way and get to know her inspiration for the podcast, her non-profit (Ladies of Etechette), the deep value of family, and how to build a tribe to drive your forward. Carla is the real deal, and her insights and experiences will inspire you!

8. Christyanna Durand & All the Things… self-development, entrepreneurship, and friendship through the lens of perspective.

Christy is without a doubt one of the greatest gifts in my life. In this conversation we dig into self-development, entrepreneurship, and friendship through the lens of perspective. You will laugh…you may cry…you will love it!

7. Frank Tenaglia & All the Things… Risk vs. Reward, Living Consciously, & Happiness

You will learn about how he got to a space where he is clear on how much he owes other people as well as how much he owes himself. Frank uses his experience and perspective through life in the Navy to life navigating loss to share with us his findings on Happiness. If you are like him and run a risk vs. reward analysis on how you share your time and resources, I assure you, this one is all reward!

6. Michael Freas & All the Things… Struggles, Sobriety, and Salvation in a Lens

I venture back in time to a friend from college who has shared his struggle from despair to sobriety and found his soul in the lens of a camera. Michael Freas is the owner of Michael Freas Photography, and his understanding and use of light sets him apart both professionally and personally. We dig in to the tender parts of life and journey through highs and lows to bring him to you today as a resource and as a light in the darkness.  

5. Nick Palumbo & All the Things… Intention, Massage, and Feeling all the things! 

In this episode, you will meet Nick Palumbo of Willow Tree Massage Therapy – and one of the most important people in my life of wellness. As a massage therapist, he knows what it take to serve, but Nick finds and shares his light in so many ways to help you and I become more intentional. He is a gift to the world, and you will feel his sincerity.

4. Rielly Karsh & All the Things… Coaching, Self-Awareness, and Managing Expectations

Rielly Karsh is a strategic thinker, coalition builder, and master communicator whose life has taken turns worthy of a memoir. She knows and honestly discusses the challenges of being a woman in a man’s world, and as a co-founder of the Go Boldly Initiative, she is determined to lead women into taking charge of their own lives.

3. Mia Clarke & All the Things… Olive Oil, changing directions, speaking to the younger generation, and finding your gem before your are 42

From a life of neuroscience in the classroom to olive oil and the world, we will discuss Mia and All The Things! She is a young, vibrant woman who is committed to sharing her journey to wellness by stepping away from traditional medicine and methods. Mia Clarke shares her experience of finding her light despite the expectations of our culture.

2. Donna Dowson & All the Things… An Architect of Joy, the Journey, and Friendship

Donna is a Creative at her core using her talents through mind, body, and soul (and a whole love of laughter) to help you experience joy! She is the founder of Journey with Donna who uses her incredible light to be an architect for joy for all of her clients. Through Landscape Design, Yoga, Art, and Travel, her only goal is to bring joy to the experience.

1. Caroline Murray & All The Things: Entrepreneurship, Mental Health, and Guilt

We kick off the series with Caroline Murray who is the owner of Virtually Possible (the answer to your overwhelm in business and life), a proud human with mental health struggles, and recently resigned educator who wants to continue sharing her gifts with the world. Caroline is downright fantastic!

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