Joy, Inc. – Intro and Background to Michaela Birdyshaw

I set out to create a space to find joy and give joy – To fill that space with trust, collaboration, and personal ownership. Utilizing my background in Social work, English Education, business, & a beautifully messy life, I am eager to walk with you through the challenges and celebrations of your journey.

My mission is to find joy and to give joy WHILE navigating this bumpy road we individually and collectively travel. Solutions don’t always mean earning the golden ticket or moving through life without obstacles, but solutions allow us to move forward regardless.

I know there is a solution for everything, even if we stumble over it, through it, or around it. There is indeed a solution – a way to move through. I invite you to join me in this. Join the belief that your glow is already alight inside of you. Join me in believing there is a solution for everything and then putting it into play! 

Joy is not the absence of suffering, nor is it merely the experience of happiness: Joy is the journey we create in between. To give you an idea of my journey, here is a rather peculiar resume I recently created. 

We are so much more than just one thing. We are so much bigger than a characteristic or a job or a gender or a race. We are all of these things and so much more to be discovered. So I write this list to show you that I know change. I know it looks and feels uncomfortable, but I also know it brings us the greatest joy when we allow it.


  • Glow Coach: Joy, Inc. 
  • High School English Teacher – 7 years, Wilmington & South Port, NC
  • Social Worker: Resident Care Facility , Methodist Home for Children
  • VP Marketing @ Fimbel ADS; 4th generation Garage Door manufacturing
  • Black Belt: Okinawa Kenpo Karate
  • Wedding Officiant, “Do it for the love of it”
  • Epic Events: Event Planning, Owner, Professional Celebrator
  • Wife to Chris and Mom to Brayden and Eden who spin my head and fill my heart
  • Daughter to Tim & Marianne and Ed and Judy damn grateful for it
  • Sandwich Artist, Mixologist, and one hell of a dumpster dinner maker
  • Assistant Food & Beverage Director at The Blockade Runner, Wrightsville Beach
  • And my husband says I have “Geekswagger” which in my world is cool and noteworthy:).
  • But the best thing I have ever accomplished is realizing my authenticity and sharing it with the world. In this service to others, I get to be my best self which in turn can change the world for my family, my community, and our collective future

Not entirely sure what working with a coach looks like? Curious (and maybe a little anxious) about reaching out?

Listen in to this podcast to squash the fear.

In my candid conversation with Carla of the I’m My Sista’s Keeper podcast where we dive into what Joy is and answer listener questions in the same, easy way I approach my client sessions. 

In any given moment, Joy is waiting. The choice is yours.

Don’t be afraid to ask for it.

Much Love, 


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